December Gift Guide

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Happy December All!

WOW what a year it has been! Moving into a new year is always a little bittersweet for us- but this year I can say with certainty it is much sweeter than it is bitter. *Goodbye 2020* With the Holidays coming up I thought it would be fun to put together a small gift guide based on age so here we go!

0-1 Year Gift Guide

Modal Magnetic Footie
These pajamas are silky soft and the absolute easiest way to dress baby- easy on/off with simple magnetic “clasps” instead of zippers and snaps.

Goumikids Organic Baby Sleeper Gown
These sleepers make middle of the night diaper changes a BREEZE! They are buttery soft and good for baby’s brain. They have integrated goumimitts with high contrast patterns on the reverse side to stimulate infant brain and eye development.

The infamous Sophie the Giraffe
This. Teether. Is. The. Best. Do we understand why? Not really. But every single baby I have met (including my own) LOVES IT! It’s easy to grip, made with all-natural rubber and food-grade paints completely safe for use. And… she is dishwasher safe! Since her birth in 1961 she has been a favorite and I don’t see her going anywhere anytime soon.

Meet Cuddle + Kind (Evan the Elephant)
This company is only 5 years old but it is growing FAST! These dolls are heirloom-quality and ethically made with a mission in the mind. For every doll sold this company gives 10 meals to children in need. Since 2015 they have helped provide over 13 million meals- how cool is that?!

1-2 Year Gift Guide

Kyte Baby Zippered Footie
They’re soft and snuggly and a staple in your newly toddling little’s wardrobe. Modern and earthy colors with the perfect stretch for those *VERY* busy babes (seriously. so. busy.)

Moulin Roty Flute
If you are a parent, you probably won’t be buying this. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles now is your time to shine! This is the gift that just keeps giving (possibly headaches and stress) but toddlers LOVE them! All joking aside it’s the sweetest to see their slobbery mouths and big cheesy grins when they figure this one out.

Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle
We love this new brand of sustainable toys. They are deeply committed to “toys for this generation and trees for the next”. All of their toys are multi-use, which as a mother I can appreciate! (Goodbye plastic junk) Fit all the pieces together the right way or build a tower with this warm-colored garden-themed block set! It helps our toddlers develop basic understanding of geometric shapes, hand eye coordination,
and balance.

3-5 Year Gift Guide

Tender Leaf Toys Wild Pine Train Set
I will say from experience that you and your little will get hours of fun out of this. My 2.5 year old is just getting to the stage where his imagination is absolutely exploding. He LOVES his train set creatures. The tracks are compatible with most other brands!

Londji 10 Penguins Puzzle
10 progressive puzzles in one. A fun way to learn numbers and counting while creating! And…bonus, they are made from recycled cardboard!

Crayon Rocks
A special education teacher named Barbara Lee came up with this ingenious idea. These crayons are modern but more importantly, perfectly shaped for developing hands. Made from completely safe, non-toxic, soy wax, these crayons are the perfect tools to help our children with handwriting skills. Absolutely genius.

5 + Gift Guide

Eeboo Spanish Bingo
This is one of those games you hope your kid picks for family game night. This simple, educational, fun game comes with 6 different board games and a pronunciation guide for all 48 Spanish words. (VERY helpful)

Ooly Scratch & Scribble
We love this creative and colorful brand! These scratch and scribble crafts are so simple and kids LOVE them. The different creatures in each set are waiting to have their colors revealed. Just scratch the illustrated guided cards and bring them to life!

Eeboo Spottington
It was so hard to decide between all of the fun eeboo games we have in stock but this new one seems to be SO FUN! The bonus with this specific game is that kids can play this by themselves (INDEPENDENCE). Take turns flipping over cards and race to find them on the board. Whoever finds the most characters the quickest is then named the official Mayor of Spottington, until next time, young one.

We look forward to seeing you in our store soon and helping you pick out the perfect gift!

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