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I began shopping at Little Sprout in 2010 when they first opened. In 2016 I received an email from the owner that my favorite children’s boutique was closing. On a whim, I sent a message back asking if she would consider selling the store to me rather than close. She said yes, much to my surprise. Imagine my husband’s shock when he came home from work that day… “Honey, I went shopping today. I may have bought the store. Literally.”

My background is in Speech-Language Pathology, and not business, so the past five years have been a learning curve for me. I have very much enjoyed learning about children’s fashion and toys, and getting to know members of the community. I have tried to use my background in education and child development to guide my choices for the shop, as well as my experiences as a mother of three girls. I love supporting local artisans and creators, as well as finding unique items from around the world.

As we navigate these uncharted waters during this pandemic, I am beyond thankful for the loyal customers of Little Sprout. The supportive messages I’ve received from this community have frequently brought tears to my eyes. We’ve got a new website from the talented web designer, Kim Kopec, at Kalamazoo Web Design (another woman-owned business). We’ve got a new logo and new look. We’re looking forward to a fresh start and seeing you all very soon.


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